Who is Sleipnir?

Sleipnir is a horse who travels on dreams and Sleipnir Travels is an online tool using Sleipnir to link Cities, and children, across the globe.

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Since 2012, Reykjavik City of Literature has associated Sleipnir with initiatives to get more children and adults reading. Examples of these projects include the Children’s Culture Festival and the annual Reykjavik City Library Summer reading program.

Sleipnir is well-known in Norse Mythology as the eight-legged horse of the god, Odin. He is the best of all horses and carried Odin throughout the Nine Worlds. He can cross between dimensions and even deliver the dead to the underworld – and if that isn’t an adventure, then we don’t know what is. So far Sleipnir has visited the Bendigo Writers Festival and Melbourne Writers Festival